Government Complex Daejeon, 189 Cheongsa-Ro Seo-Gu, Daejeon, 35208, The Republic of Korea. SUMMARY OF BIDDING Date : 2017/08/02 Bidding Announcement No: 20170802021-00 P.R. No : 17PE0137 Goods : ATC Ramp Test Set End User : Korea Communications Agency =================================================================================== The Public Procurement Service("PPS") now invites sealed bids from eligible bidders for the supply of Goods and services for the End User. The successful bidder shall supply the Goods and services related thereto. =================================================================================== 1. DELIVERY TERMS: FCA 2. THE OPENING OF THE BID 2.1. Date and Time: 15:00 Aug 17, 2017 2.2. Place: Official Computer System belonging to a contracting officer in charge of bidding 3. VALIDITY PERIOD OF THE BID Bids shall be valid for more than 90 days after the date for the opening of the Bid shown above. 4. BID BOND Not Required: Refer to Article 14 of the Instructions to Bidders. 5. SUBMISSION OF THE BID 5.1. The bid will be processed electronically via KONEPS(Korea Online e-Procurement System) : A time limit for the submission of the bid is 14:00 Aug 17, 2017 (KST). 5.2. However, in case of the overseas bidder, submission of the bid may be allowed in person or by mail(Courier service will not be permitted). 5.2.1. In this case, one(1) original and two(2) stapled sets of the Bid Documents required by Bid Invitation such as Bid Application, Price Quotation, Goods Description and Supplementary Bid Documents should be submitted. 5.2.2. Bid Documents by mail should be received by PPS(Address : Building #3, Government Complex-Daejeon, 189 Chongsaro, Seo-Gu, Daejeon 35208, the Republic of Korea.) by 18:00 of the Business Day immediately preceding the date for the opening of the bid. The Bid Documents shall be placed in an envelope, the Bidding Announcement number, the date and time for the opening of the bid and the name and address of the Bidder must be written on the upper left corner of the envelope. 5.2.3. The Bid Documents should be turned in on the date and time for the opening of the bid, at Procurement Supplier Registration Team of PPS and one(1) hour prior to the opening of the bid, bidders shall notify a contracting officer of the intention of a direct submission. 5.2.4. Annexed documents shall be submitted until date that PPS specify after bid openning date. Annexed documents: supplier's certificate, detailed specification (comparative table with Invitation spec.) of bidding item, evidence documents such as technical sheet or catalog, etc 5.3. Language: Bid Invitation, Bid Documents and Contract documents can be written in Korean or English pursuant to Article 3 of the Instructions to Bidders. In the event of any conflict between the English and Korean versions where both versions have been submitted, the Korean version shall prevail. 6. SUPPLIER'S CERTIFICATE: Required 6.1. An Original Supplier's Certificate shall always be submitted. In the event the Bidder and the Supplier are same, the Supplier¡¯s Certificate may not be required. 7. SHIPPING INSTRUCTION 7.1. Via: Air Freight 7.2. Consignee: Public Procurement Service 7.3. End User: Korea Communications Agency 7.4. Discharging Port: Airport [INCHEON AIRPORT] 8. SHIPMENT & INSTALLATION 8.1. Overseas Supplied Goods: Shipment within 90 days after the opening date of L/C 8.2. Domestically Supplied Goods(DTE): Within 90 days after the date of contract 9. PAYMENT 9.1. After the receipt L/C: % of total contract price 9.2. On shipment: 100% of invoice amount 9.3. After test operations: % of total contract price 9.4. After the installation and test operations: % of total contract price 9.4.1. In the case of Installation/test operations or Domestically Supplied Goods, payment shall be made to the supplier upon the End User's notice after the successful completion of the installation and test operations. 10. INSPECTION: Manufacturer's inspection to be final. 11. WARRANTY 11.1. Period: The warranty shall remain valid for 36 months after the successful installation and test operations. 11.2. Bond: Required A Warranty Bond in an amount equal to 5% or more of the contract price shall be provided. 12. MANUFACTURER'S CERTIFICATE: Not Required 13. For more information regarding the bid, please contact the PPS Information Center: 13.1. Address: Building #3, Government Complex Daejeon, 189 Chongsaro, Seo-Gu, Daejeon, 35208, the Republic of Korea 13.2. Information Center: Tel: 1588-0800 / Fax: (042)472-2297 13.3. Person in charge: Jeong Yunho (Tel: 070-4056-7320 / Fax: 0505-480-1399) 14. Evaluation of Technical Specifications 14.1. Shall be done solely by the End User 15. Liquidated Damages 15.1. If the contractor fails to make shipment (or delivery or installation) of contracted Goods, PPS is entitled to impose liquidated damages which may total exceed ten percents (10%) of the contract price. If the liquidated damages reaches the value of the Performance Bond (10% of the contract amount), PPS reserves the right to cancel or terminate the contract. 15.2. Liquidated damages shall continually be imposed even if it exceeds 10% of the total contract price. 16. Remarks 16.1. For the Overseas Supplied Goods, total weight and volume for each item shall be calculated and accurately specified in a detailed quotation. 16.2. The Bidder shall be responsible for any and all disadvantages arising from insufficient understanding of the Bid Invitation or any error it makes in preparing any of the Bid Documents. 16.3. For air transport from the U.S., the loading port shall be the airport selected by the Bidder from among the airports in Los Angeles (LAX), San Francisco (SFO), Chicago (ORD/CHI) and New York (JFK/NYC). If the Goods are shipped from a country other than the U.S., the Bidder shall select a well-known international airport in the relevant country as the loading port. 16.4. If all or parts of the contracted Goods are classified into one of the following classes of hazardous materials pursuant to the regulations of the International Air Transportation Association (the "IATA"), the Contracting Party shall clearly indicate such classification in the detailed quotation. In such instance, the Supplier shall submit a Shipper's Declaration for Dangerous Goods to the carrier at the time of shipment of the contracted Goods. Class 1(Explosives), Class 2(Gases), Class 3(Flammable Liquids), Class 4(Flammable Solids, Spontaneous Combustible & Dangerous when wet), Class 5(Oxidizers & Organic Peroxide), Class 6(Toxic & Infectious Substance), Class 7(Radioactive Materials), Class 8(Corrosives), Class 9(Miscellaneous Dangerous goods) 16.5. Special cargo such as hazardous cargo, bulk cargo which cannot be loaded in containers, or extra-long and large cargo, shall be marked as such and be specified in detail. 16.6. In the case of Bids for goods that are subject to the relevant conventional tariff under ¡¸The Special Act on the Customs Law for implement of Free Trade Agreement¡¹ according to effectuation of Free Trade agreement between the Republic of Korea and other Countries, and Goods that are not subject to conventional tariff, PPS will compare and evaluate the Bid Price pursuant to provisions set forth in Article 21¨ë of the Instructions to Bidders, instead of the Delivery Terms stipulated in Para 1 of the Summary of Bidding. (In the case of tariff on the Goods that is lower than FTA tariff rates or that is exempted from customs duties by other laws, those Goods will be excluded from this evaluation.) 6-1) In case the contractor makes shipment of goods that are originated from countries with which the Republic of Korea has enforced free trade agreements and that are subject to the relevant conventional tariff, the contractor shall present a certificate of country of origin together with Shipping Documents. In the event any cost such as customs duties, VAT, etc has been incurred due to the non-performance of this obligation, the contractor shall bear such cost. 16.7. Trade terms shall apply to INCOTERMS 2010 pursuant to Article 2 of the Instructions to Bidders. 16.8. If foreign products and domestic goods compete in the bidding , their bid prices shall be compared and evaluated by converting the Bid Price into Korean Won pursuant to Article 21 of the Instructions to Bidders. 16.9. The bidder shall submit the final bid in consideration of exchange rate fluctuations because this contract shall be executed within the range of the fixed Korean Won budget. Foreign Procurement Officer Public Procurement Service